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Grilled Corn with Samy Spice



Fresh Unshucked Corn
Olive Oil
Samy Spice


When you "shuck" the corn do not remove the leaves, simply peel them back and remove the corn's silk. Pull the silk away from the ear, rise with cold water and then wipe dry and wipe away excess silk with a paper towel. Next, brush each ear of corn lightly with oil and dust lightly with Samy Spice. Get grill hot - ideally so flames are reaching close to grill, place corn directly on grill, let the corn caramelize in the flame to your liking. It is ok to let it char! The peeled back leaves may smoke and/or burn. This will both look beautiful but also add a nice aroma. Remove from grill at desired doneness (we like it charred) and immediately sprinkle Samy Spice liberally onto corn while hot. Serve immediately and enjoy the best grilled corn of your life!

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